Ocean Container Shipping Rates  Our specialized web based International Shipping Calculators  From USA will quote your ocean container to Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, Central America, Caribbean, South America and Middle Easter Countries.  We are a fully licensed American born shipping company and founder of the first international shipping calculators and quote generators on the web. Ocean Container Shipping Rates are posted on the web based shipping application designed for fast pace and accuracy.  International Shipping Rates For Air Cargo and Ocean Freight will appear on screen in seconds. Quotes and Export Bookings from USA are generated online. (see orange section).  International Shipping  From USA takes enormous patience, organization and attention to details. We believe our customer is not dependent on us, rather our business is dependent on them.  As such we treat our customer as a human being with feelings and deserves to be treated with respect.  A customer does us a favor when they come to our website. Since the volume of request  is so large and to treat everyone with the best rates, we developed the first viable online freight calculator in 2001 to be able to assist you in seconds.  The online tool calculates instant shipping quotes for any type of international shipment right on your screen.  It will be a pleasure to answer any questions if you need assistance with the calculators.  The Ocean Container Shipping Freight Rates Calculator  perform in seconds as if you were inside our office next to one of our experts, and will produce a formal Ocean Container, Ocean Consolidation, RORO, and Air Cargo shipping quote . Cargo rates are posted from New York, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Miami, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Baltimore, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and over 50 other stations.  We can fulfill any job from any city in the USA.  The system we developed automatically advances your international shipments on a step by step process and notifies you on every step, guaranteeing you the service and courtesy you deserve at the price you expect.   Our system is unique in the world.  We publish rates and information to you (the shipper) on a real time basis. The calculator is calibrated with the most up to date and competitive shipping rates. Our system is also used by government agencies worldwide, regulatory agencies, The United Nations and other organizations who use the online cargo platform to ship cargo and to examine shipping costs for purposes of projections and cost analysis.  This is the first shipping tool of its kind and it remains the standard in the industry for full style online automatic shipping quotes.

Our international staff of ocean freight experts will assist your every concern and provide ocean cargo and air cargo solutions that will save you time and money. APX  is a US based International Freight Forwarder and NVOCC - O.T.I. and Air Cargo shipping company Since 1991. Our international shipping documentation department for Air Cargo and Ocean Freight have over 25 years of experience and command the system tools with expertise in order to avoid mistakes that can impact your international shipping cost and timelines.  We tailor make logistics for you.  We have a formidable client retention rate over the years because we recognize that service starts by listening and addressing your particular cargo and shipping needs.  Take a test drive on the online calculators and see why "Our Reputation For Service Is Our Most Valued Asset"

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