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PROCEDURE: In addition to this Vehicle Export Declaration APX will need to submit all the export information to US Customs in the form of a Shippers Export Declaration.  The ship will not load the container if not received on time.  APX will process the Shippers Export Declaration for you.

A. In addition to the original title APX will need the following  to process your CAR rapidly  with US Customs:

1) FAX the Title front and back  FAX 305-592-0266.

2) FAX Copy of picture I.D.

3) FAX Copy of SS# or Passport or write the SS# or Passport # on the Picture ID page


4) MAIL THE ORIGINAL TITLE OR MSO to THE CLEARANCE CENTER - APX, 1325 NW 78 AVENUE, BOX 204, MIAMI, FL  33126  TEL 877-597-0258  FAX: 877-597-0259 and the export power of attorney form

B. We send you the Booking Number and Dock Receipt.  We will provide you with a BOOKING NUMBER, SAIL DATE in the clean DOCK RECEIPT so you can bring the car to the dock or load the car in the container.

C. Once you load the car inside the container or the vehicle deliver the car to the port or deliver the car to our warehouse, you must fax the stamped dock receipt to 305-592-0266 or call us with the SEAL NUMBER and the CONTAINER number.

D. We will send you a copy of the bill of lading after ship has sailed and FEDEX you the original title to you.


Call For Any Questions Toll Free 1-877-597-0258 / East Coast  (305)-597-0258 /  West Coast (310)-885-5591


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